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Glow in the Dark HTV (20″x36″)

Brighten Up the Night!

Looking for something different? Our  Glow in the Dark HTV transforms the scene with our special effects glow in the dark HTV. Capture the convenience of one design with two different functions. The HTV charges when it hits the light throughout the day to offer a bright shine when the sun goes down.

Wonderful for events and on materials where a cool glow makes a difference, the Decoflex offers a different way to craft. Nighttime scavenger hunt? Create bandannas for all the players. Outdoor concert? It is a great way to add the cool factor to a performance.

Easy to cut and weed, our Decoflex Glow can be layered onto cotton, poly/cotton blends, polyester and leather for a beautiful finish that glows.

“** NOTICE *** The UV film is made by Photochromic Microcapsule powder and this powder is not permanently color changing by UV light. Please note that the available operation range for this UV film is 500 times.


Glow in the Dark HTV (20″x36″)


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